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The New Way to success,advance,progress, More than 60 Years in Business. Engineered Electronic Products. Innovative Designs and Technology

Calrad Electronics has been in the same family ownership for over 60 years. Many of our employees have been with the firm for 25 or more years. Many of our customers have been buying from Calrad for even longer than that. Our manufacturers and suppliers in Asia have known and trusted Calrad for generations. It all started in the 1950’s when the need for electronics greatly expanded after World War II. With the coming of the transistor, the growth of television and recording sciences Calrad prospered. Constantly on the search for new products and customer requests, Calrad stays at the forefront of technology and cutting edge of new products. Calrad’s roots go deep into the history of the Electronics Industry. Below is a photo Gallery of Calrad taken many years ago. We still occupy the same building today.


Who We Are

Custom Assemblies: Calrad has a long history of building and/or modifying customized parts. This can be most useful when you need something rapidly or the part just is not made the way you need it. Our fabrication team has a combined experience of over 40 years in custom assembly and modifications. The highest standards of quality control are rigidly adhered to. Once you approve a fully functional sample, you may rest assured that Calrad will deliver on time and within budget. We are experienced at both simple and extremely complex assemblies. Small or large quantities present no problem.

Markets we service: Anyone in the electronics industry can tell you change is rapid and unending. Over the Decades Calrad has served many industries and markets while constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. At first it was the Radio industry. Yes, we have been around that long! Then it moved to the age of Television and Sound Recording. Regretfully as society progressed security products became a staple. The bread butter products such as cables, adaptors, plugs, jacks, mixers and mics have been around for generations. But Calrad constantly updates and revitalizes these products to compete in an ever more digital market. SPDIF, Toslink, HDMI and many other protocols are well represented in the Calrad product mix. Today the emphasis is on Home theatre and automation. Here you will find Calrad offering the latest products in cable, connectors, switchers and distribution amplifiers. Network products are also an essential part of this market. That is why Calrad offers a complete line of Cat5e and Cat6 materials. You will find FireWire, USB and signal baluns of the highest quality in the Calrad line. Also available are attractive Designer Style wall plates featuring all manner of connectors to make even the most difficult project easy and attractive. This also compliments our full line of telephone accessories as well as integrating with our excellent signal scalers and converters. Who knows where the electronics industry is headed in the future? Wherever it leads, you will find Calrad there to serve your needs.

Advantages of Dealing with Calrad: The advantages of dealing with Calrad are almost too numerous to mention. But first and foremost we take pride in our personnel. We have the most professional staff in the industry. And they all take a personal interest in seeing our customers treated professionally and courteously. Our staff offers service and knowledge without equal in the industry.

And good technical assistance is a must in this industry. Calrad offers some of the best and the most timely. Nothing is more annoying than to be waiting hours or even days for an answer to an urgent question about Tech Support. We can and do answer most of our support questions when the first call or email is made. You can be assured that any technical assistance will be prompt and professional.

Quality control is the key to keeping our products reliably working out in the field. All Calrad products meet high standards of quality and are all RoHS compliant. All power supplies are UL approved for your safety and protection. We have an entire department devoted to testing our products and making sure that they live up to the reputation Calrad has enjoyed for generations. Professional and courteous staff, quality technical assistance and high quality control standards. How about all that combined with the most competitive prices in the entire industry! And a list of customer friendly policies that include:

  • 1. Always offering the newest and best products in the market from trusted suppliers.
  • 2. Excellent profit margins for our Distributor network across the Nation.
  • 3. No minimum on air shipments.
  • 4. No extra charge for drop shipments.
  • 5. We gladly do blind drop shipments for your protection.
  • 6. Website listing for stocking distributors on a site that draws thousands of hits.
  • 7. We gladly offer links to your company’s website.
  • 8. We supply Artwork and advertising materials free of charge
  • 9. Attractive market tested packaging that stands out and informs
  • 10. Items available in bulk or in attractive display packaging.


Organizations: Calrad is a proud member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Small and medium independent businesses are the very backbone of commerce in the United States. We support NFIB and its efforts on behalf of thousands of companies employing millions of workers. They are our voice in Washington, Sacramento and government entities across the country.

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